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+1 by Kurre-Kurre +1 by Kurre-Kurre
Something quick I made for :iconengelchenyugi:
I hope you like it~ :hug:
SadnessFemBoy2016 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Cute and cool
animerelax1 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017  New Deviant  Digital Artist
so cute ^.^
EngelchenYugi Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017

WHAH... Kao Emoji-26 (Cry) [V2] 

I am touched! I didn't think you would actually draw them for me and now that you did I can't even express how much I love it. Your style is always something that draws my attention to it and makes me amazed how well you handle different styles and coloring techniques. This might be something quick but to me it really means a lot. It's your unique and very individual art style that I like so much and makes me watch you. kaomoji set 2 33/67 

You've done such an amazing job portraying these two. Of course I can't judge whether you knew the character's before or if this is the first time drawing them, so I can only say that you've did them justice. You pictured them exactly the way I see them and how they would actually behave when they are together. Their relationship is filled with love and deep respect. Moreover they share this bond that ties them together. I can see that in your fanart, too! These two boys hanging out with each other, laughing and sharing memories is absolutely natural.

Once again I love your art style and here are some things I noticed immediately. For example their faces and the combination of semi-realism and anime.It just works really well together. The way you have drawn their noses and their chin looks so normal and makes me happy. Jou looks more mature and (to me) even more handsome. Jonouchi's expression is so cute! The way he casually hugs Yuugi from behind and seems to say something really cheesy~ ♥

Yuugi looking up to him is so cute. Moreover I am in love with how you've drawn their hands. Especially Yuugi's rights arm because the lines are so nicely set and the perspective was difficult to handle. Drawing hands is always a little tricky but you've done a marvelous job. You're really great when it comes to perspectives and anatomy. You never cease to amaze me.

Thanks for drawing this for me! You really saved my day. kaomoji set 2 67/67 

I love the result. kaomoji set 2 12/67 

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